September 2023

Dundalk: 30th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Clean to European Norms.

[ A+ ] /[ A- ]

Dundalk retains its clean status, with no heavily littered sites.


Very good sites in Dundalk included the County Museum, Dundalk Grammar School and Oriel Park Football Stadium – all were well presented and maintained.  It was noted that Castleblaney Approach Road was better than previous surveys but it is still some way off the top litter grade.  Dundalk Institute of Technology was let down by the cigarette butts at the entrance – this took away from an otherwise very freshly presented campus.



Dundalk Grammar School:  Grade A.  The high grade in previous surveys has been sustained at Dundalk Grammar School.  Not only was this a spotless site but the whole environment was very well presented and maintained – clearly it is very well respected.


Oriel Park Football Stadium:  Grade A.  The entrance and general environs were clear of litter.  Road surface and markings were in good order.  There was plenty of functional signage.


County Museum Dundalk:  Grade A.   This was an excellent site.  The museum is located in a beautifully restored warehouse building with wonderful brickwork throughout.  The red paving directly outside was very much in keeping with the building.  There was a complete absence of litter in the area surveyed.


Castleblaney Approach Road:  Grade B.  This was a moderately littered site with sweet papers, cans, fast food wrappers and plastic bottles present.  It was noted that this road had been worse in previous surveys so hopefully the upward ascent will continue.


Dundalk Train Station:  Grade B.  The litter at Dundalk Train Station was primarily to be found at the base of the low lying shrubbery in the car park.  Cigarette butts were the most pronounced, with lower levels of sweet papers and plastic bags.  With a little extra effort this could easily be a top ranking site.


‘Mourne View Centre’:  Grade B.  A relatively newly built but seemingly never occupied garage site on the route heading to Dublin. There was a variety of litter throughout and the site is beginning to be a real eye-sore.  Things will only deteriorate further if not addressed very soon.


Carrickmacross Approach Road:  Grade A.  A very positive first impression of Dundalk is created by this route.  The colourful blossoms were a lovely feature.   Road surface, signage and markings were in very good order.  Paving and grass areas were well maintained.


Dundalk Institute of Technology:  Grade B.  It was noted when surveyed in 2016 that cigarette butts were a major issue at this site – things were no different this time around.  The car parking area was in very good order and the remainder of the grounds were well maintained.  The presence of the cigarette butts is a real issue which needs to be addressed.


V & W Recycle Facility:  Grade A.  A ‘managed’ facility which was nicely presented from the outside.  Grass was neatly cut and the excellent signage and planting all contributed to the positive impression created here.


Clanbrassil Street:  Grade B.  Clanbrassil Street was mixed, in terms of presentation.  The southern end of the street was freshly presented with fountain, ornamental trees and built environment in good order.  The northern end of the street was less fresh and well maintained.  Much of the litter along the street was in the latter – a variety of litter was present, mostly food related and heavy levels of cigarette butts.


Drogheda – Dundalk  Link Road – N52 – M1:  Grade B.   A moderately littered route with a variety of litter in the ditches.  It was particularly pronounced at the roundabout for Collon and near Exits 13 to 16.