September 2023

IBAL Anti-Litter Survey of Dundalk

[ A+ ] /[ A- ]

Dundalk: Joint 19th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Clean to European Norms.


There were some excellent sites in Dundalk and some of the very good sites included Dundalk Institute of Technology, Oriel Park (GAA), Dundalk Grammar School and Recycle Facility (on road to Newry) – the recycle facility was one of the top ranking ones seen – clearly the staff at this facility are very attentive.


Recycle Facility: Grade A. (facility is located on road to Newry) This was an excellent site. A ‘Drive Thru’ facility which is clearly being very carefully managed – there was a complete absence of litter throughout.


Clanbrassil Street: Grade B. This street could easily get the top litter grade with a little extra effort. Some loose food related litter took away from this freshly presented shopping street with attractive paving, street lamps, bins etc..


Dundalk Train Station: Grade A. All was in good order at this lovely ‘olde’ style station which has been adapted for heavy volumes of passengers.


Dundalk Grammar School: Grade A. Extensive grounds in a mature setting – all seemed to be well maintained and clear of litter.


Castleblaney Approach Road: Grade B. This road had some sweet papers, cans, fast-food wrappers.


Approach from North: Grade A. A freshly presented route – clean and well attended.


Dundalk Institute of Technology: Grade A. This was an excellent site – fitting for a third level institution which has the Green Flag. Not only was there an absence of litter throughout but the overall impression was of a fresh and well maintained environment. Seating, bins, ornamental trees, signage etc. were in very good condition.


Dunnes Stores: Grade B. The car park at Dunnes Stores was somewhat littered – sweet papers, fast-food wrappers, plastic bottles with higher levels of cigarette butts and chewing gum. More care and attention is required here to get the top litter grade.


Oriel Park (GAA): Grade A. This was a clean and tidy environment. The car parking area and approach to the playing grounds were clear of litter.


Dundalk to Drogheda road: Grade B There was a definite litter presence along this road – primarily food related litter.