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IBAL Anti-Litter Survey of Dundalk

[ A+ ] /[ A- ]

Overall 2013 result:  28th out of 42 towns / cities surveyed.  Clean to European Norms.

 Dundalk is up from 37th in 2012 but still more is possible from a former outright winner.  There were three top ranking sites in Dundalk and the remainder were just moderately littered.  The Recycle Facility on Newry Road was an excellent site – not just clear of litter but exceptionally well presented and managed.  Dundalk Railway Station just missed the top litter grade – with a little extra care and attention this is very achievable.  All three approach roads were moderately littered.  The towns at the top consider it beneficial to continuously improve. 


Oriel Park – Sports Facility:  Grade B.  The area surveyed was the entrance and immediate environs.  It was a moderately littered site with fast-food wrappers and cigarette butts the most obvious litter type.


Recycle Facility – Newry Road:  Grade A.  This was superlative site – a relatively new purpose built drive-in facility which was in excellent condition.  The grass and colourful shrubbery were lovely features in what is so often a purely functional facility.


Clanbrassil Street:  Grade B.  There was a scattering of food and cigarette related litter along this street – there did appear to be plenty of bins throughout but clearly they are not being used.  The wide paving with nice brick work, hanging baskets and flower boxes, and olde style street lamps combine with the shop fronts to create an attractive streetscape.


Dundalk Institute of Technology:  Grade A.  This was a superb campus – proudly flying the Green Flag.  It was immaculately presented and maintained with a complete absence of litter throughout – well done to all concerned.


Dundalk Railway Station:  Grade B.  The train station was downgraded due to the litter in the car park – the remainder of the station was in good order.  There were heavy levels of cigarette butts and lighter levels of sweet papers, cans, fast-food wrappers and plastic bottles.


Dunnes Stores – Castleblaney Road:  Grade B.  As well as some litter in the car park the grass / planted areas were not in great condition – a little more care and attention could make a difference here.


Dundalk Grammar School:  Grade A.  There was a complete absence of litter at the entrance and immediate environs and the public areas visible were in very good order – a top ranking site throughout.


Castleblaney Approach Road:  Grade B.  A moderately littered site with fast-food wrappers and sweet papers the most obvious litter type.  Some of the bins closer to the town along this road were grubby.


Carrickmacross Approach Road:  Grade B.  Much of the litter found along this route was in the low lying shrubbery – as one got closer to the town it was much cleaner.  A more thorough approach to cleaning the shrubbery would make a big difference along this road.


Dublin Approach Road:  Grade B.  This route just missed getting the top litter grade – much of the road was clear of litter but a light scattering of food related litter just inside the town boundary line, particularly close to a bus stop with a shelter.