May 2023

Latest results for IBAL Anti-Litter survey for Dundalk.

[ A+ ] /[ A- ]

Dundalk:  Joint 29th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed.  Clean to European Norms.


A slight slip in cleanliness in Dundalk. Some of the very good sites included Dundalk Grammar School, Oriel Park and the Recycle Facility on the road to Newry.  The latter is a ‘Drive-In’ facility and was exceptionally well presented and maintained.  A few of the moderately littered sites just missed getting the top litter grade e.g. Dundalk Institute of Technology and Dundalk Train Station – both were very well presented.




Castleblaney Approach Road:  Grade B.  Food related litter was very much in evidence along this route, particularly closer to Dundalk.


Approach from Newry:  Grade A.  Road surface, signage and markings were in very good area and the overall impression created along this route was a positive one.  The route was enhanced by some trees and a grass area with seating set back from the road.


Dundalk Institute of Technology:  Grade B.  This is a very nicely presented and maintained environment – large grass areas, shrubbery,  paving, seating, bins etc.  were all in very good order.  It just missed getting the top litter grade and could easily be achieved with a little extra care and attention, especially on behalf of smokers.


Dundalk Grammar School:  Grade A.  The extensive grounds of this school were very well maintained and there was a complete absence of litter throughout.  Paving, bins shrubbery, grass trees etc. were in excellent condition.


Dundalk Train Station:  Grade B.  A well presented ‘olde’ style station which was generally in good order but let down by some food related litter and cigarette butts.  Visitor information notice board, seating and bins were in good condition.


Clanbrassil Street:  Grade B.  Care has been taken with the overall presentation of this main shopping street with attractive paving, wooden seating, abundant flowering and plenty of bins.  However, there was an obvious litter presence, particularly near some wooden seating – despite a litter bin right beside it.  The northern end of the street was more littered.


Dunnes Stores:  Grade B: (Castleblaney Road).  Plastic bottles, fast-food wrappers, sweet paper, cigarette butts and heavy levels of chewing gum were present in this somewhat grey car park environment.  It lacks the care and attention in presentation of many other Dundalk sites surveyed


Oriel Park – Dundalk Soccer Stadium:  Grade A.  The area to the front of the ‘Players, Officials and Press Only’ was spotless and road surface and markings were in excellent order.  The area in front of Dundalk FC Merchandise Shop was equally clear of litter.


Recycle Centre on road to Newry:  Grade A.   A ‘Drive-In’ facility which wasn’t just clear of litter but clearly attention has been given to the presentation of same.  There were plenty of flower and planter boxes, grass was very neatly cut and signage was in excellent condition.  All in all, this was a top ranking site throughout.