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Oxfam encourages Dundalk to donate clothing, accessories, jewellery and other unpopular presents

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Unwanted Christmas gifts can make the world of difference in 2014

Oxfam Ireland is calling on the people of Dundalk to donate unwanted Christmas gifts and make a world a difference to people living in extreme poverty in 2014.

The charity shop, located on Clanbrassil Street, is in critical need of donations to raise funds for its work around the world, including the ongoing emergency response in areas left devastated by the Philippines typhoon.

Studies have shown that typically two-thirds[1] of people will receive an unwanted gift at Christmas and the most unpopular categories of presents include clothing and accessories, beauty products, toiletries and jewellery.

Oxfam Ireland’s Head of Retail Michael McIlwaine said: “No matter how small the donation, every little helps. It takes just a moment to bag an unwanted item but it could change a life forever.

“Whether it’s novelty gifts, clothes and jewellery that’s just not to your taste or copies of books and CDs you already had, think twice before binning that unwanted present or shoving it into the back of the wardrobe.

“Our Oxfam shop in Dundalk really needs the things you don’t and we are appealing people to support the Make Space for Oxfam appeal. By dropping in those less than perfect presents and other unwanted items to Oxfam, you’ll be helping to make a real difference to the lives of people in crisis and in poverty around the world.

“The vital funds your gifts will raise mean we can continue our life-saving work. Right now we are helping families whose lives have been devastated by the Philippines typhoon and Syria crisis, along with supporting people to lift their communities out of poverty through our long-term development work and campaigning.

Didn’t get the Christmas present you wanted? Get a new winter coat for Christmas and wondering what to do with the old one? Well, instead of leaving it to gather dust in the wardrobe, Oxfam will happily take it and put it to good use.

Here’s how you’ll be helping to change lives:
• The sale of that novelty tie set for €7 could pay for a mosquito net to protect a family who have lost their home in the Philippines typhoon from the threat of malaria, helping them to sleep safely at night
• The sale of an unopened cosmetics set sold for €15 could give a family in the Democratic Republic of Congo an eco-friendly efficient stove, designed to be hotter than traditional cooking methods while using only half the wood.
• That gift of a necklace that just isn’t to your taste sold for €18 could open a new chapter in a child’s life by providing school books to a pupil in Tanzania for an entire year

Oxfam’s Dundalk shop on Clanbrassil Street welcomes donations of clothes, accessories, shoes, belts, handbag, jewellery, books, CDs, DVDs, homewares or any item of good quality.