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Louth based Irish Wheelchair Association say disabled people are often ‘underestimated by society’.

We know that in Ireland there is a housing shortage. But for a wheelchair user there is a housing absence, a complete lack of any wheelchair liveable housing anywhere. This is why social housing is so vital for people with disabilities, because there are no private rental options there for them at the moment.”

She added that while local authorities are focusing heavily on building social housing, “they are not yet delivering wheelchair liveable housing at the rates that our community needs.”

In 2021 Irish Wheelchair Association was part of a campaign to have ‘wheelchair liveable’ needs included as an option on social housing application forms. Before 2021 it had not even been possible for a disabled person to include their disability requirements in their local authority housing application.

“This is how far behind we were on accessible social housing in Ireland.”

She added: “The good news is that now in 2022 all local authorities have new application forms with options to include and register accessibility needs. So there has never been a better time to encourage your loved one to think about their future, the life they want to lead and where they want to live as they get older.”

She suggested five steps to get started to support your loved one begin their journey: Get the application form you need, Get the medical form and ask for help, cover all your need, and return application forms.”