September 2023

Dundalk: 30th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Clean to European Norms.

Dundalk retains its clean status, with no heavily littered sites.

Very good sites in Dundalk included the County Museum, Dundalk Grammar School and Oriel Park Football Stadium – all were well presented and maintained. It was noted that Castleblaney Approach Road was better than previous surveys but it is still some way off the top litter grade. Dundalk Institute of Technology was let down by the cigarette butts at the entrance – this took away from an otherwise very freshly presented campus.

Dundalk Grammar School: Grade A. The high grade in previous surveys has been sustained at
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Latest results for IBAL Anti-Litter survey for Dundalk.

Dundalk: Joint 29th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Clean to European Norms.

A slight slip in cleanliness in Dundalk. Some of the very good sites included Dundalk Grammar School, Oriel Park and the Recycle Facility on the road to Newry. The latter is a ‘Drive-In’ facility and was exceptionally well presented and maintained. A few of the moderately littered sites just missed getting the top litter grade e.g. Dundalk Institute of Technology and Dundalk Train Station – both were very well presented.

Castleblaney Approach Road: Grade B. Food related litter was very much in
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